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Breaking Up Can Be Hard To Do
Practical Advice on How to Use Carrots and Sticks in Executive Compensation Arrangements to Recruit and Retain Top Talent During Good Times and Protect the Company When the Relationship Falters
Dodd Griffith, Panelist
September 2014

Is It Time To Go Back to a Pension Plan?
By Dodd S. Griffith for BusinessNH magazine
May 2011

What Have We Learned about ERISA Fiduciary Liability since LaRue?
By Dodd S. Griffith for In-House Defense Quarterly
August 2009

New COBRA Premium Subsidy Requires Quick Employer Action
By Dodd S. Griffith
March 2009

Can an Employee Sue for Losses To His 401k Account?
By Dodd S. Griffith
March 2008

New IRS Rules Create Potential Tax Traps in Executive Employment Agreements
By Dodd S. Griffith
October 2007

NH Supreme Court Decision Demonstrates the Importance of Contracts in Protecting Business Secrets
By Michael R. Callahan
September 2006

Contracts Can Protect Your Human Capital
By Michael R. Callahan
January 2004