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What Factors Might Allow a Product Manufacturer to Enjoy the Protection of a Construction Statute of Repose?
By R. Matthew Cairns and Matthew Burrows
Presented at DRI Product Liability Conference
February 9, 2017

DONíT PANIC: Dichiara Is Not A Game-Changer for Municipal Immunity
By Samantha D. Elliott
Tri-State Defense Lawyers Association Newsletter
Spring 2014

Creating and Preserving the Record for Appeal
By Charles P. Bauer
January 2012

NH Supreme Court Recognizes Pooled Risk Liability Management Programs Are Not Insurance
By Charles P. Bauer and Samantha Elliott
September 2011

NH Supreme Court Recognizes Statutory Immunity for NH Police Officers
By Charles P. Bauer and Samantha Elliott
September 2011

Anti-woodshedding Trend Raises Bar on Skillful Deposition Preparation
By Michael R. Callahan
March 2011

Cross-Examination Tips
By Charles P. Bauer
June 2010

Preparing for and Taking Depositions in Civil Cases in State and Federal Courts in New Hampshire
By Charles P. Bauer
May 2010

Presentation: Carl Statchen v. Police Officers Palmer & Scott & City of Concord
By Charles P. Bauer
September 2009

Mediation Considerations for Civil Litigation Matters
By Charles P. Bauer
April 2009

N.H. Supreme Court Rules on Procedural Due Process for Police Officer Termination Hearings
By Charles P. Bauer
December 2008

NH Supreme Court Establishes Official Immunity for Police Officers and Police Departments
By Charles P. Bauer
September 2008