Essential Hardware and Configuration for iPad Use in Courtroom

January 2013

By R. Matthew Cairns*

Having used my iPad in several trials over the last 12 months, I have discovered inconsistent presentation hardware in the courtrooms and thought I would put this memo together to help solve some of the problems I found. I am happy to answer any questions you have after reading it.

The memo covers hardware items that are essential tools for using your iPad in a courtroom or for other presentations. Before running out to buy everything on the list consider where and how you want to use the IPad.

Basic set- ups for different uses:

  • Wired courtroom with fixed iPad
  • Wired courtroom with mobile iPad
  • Situation where you need to bring in projector (wireless)
  • Situation where there is an HD TV monitor that you can use (wireless).

The wireless set-ups assume that you are creating your own private network inside the room. If you intend to work off an existing wireless network, you will not need the Airport Express, however, this is not recommended due to security and stability issues.

Download the memo with required hardware list as a PDF.

* R. Matthew Cairns is licensed to practice in New Hampshire.

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