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Digital Hollywood 2.0: Reimagining Film, Music, Television and Publishing Distribution as a Global Artist Collaborative
By Jon M. Garon, 21 Mich. St. Int'l L. Rev.
April 8, 2013

The Heart of the Deal: Intellectual Property Aspects in the Law and Business of Entertainment
By John M. Garon for Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
June 2012

Wiki Authorship, Social Media, and the Curatorial Audience
By Jon M. Garon
April 2010

Music as a Business: How To Make a Career Out of It
By Jon M. Garon
April 2009

Copyright Basics for Musicians
By Jon M. Garon
March 2009

filmmaking 2.0

A column by Jon M. Garon

Social Media Set Management Issues
May 2010

Organizing the Business for the Film Company
April 2010

Nonprofit Film Financing
March 2010

Managing the Content in the Frame — Script Clearance, Background Copyrights and Other Third Party Ownership Rights
February 2010

Financial Accounting and Responsibility for the Film Company
January 2010

Fair Use for Documentaries
December 2009

Filmmaker's Duties of Loyalty and Care to the Investors
November 2009

Documentaries and Films Based on True Life Stories
October 2009

Crowdfunding for Film
September 2009

Content and Control for Online Filmmaking
August 2009

The columns below are updated versions of previously published Filmmaking 101 columns. They are updated as of August 2009.

[All titles will be available shortly, please check back soon.]

Utilizing Noncommerical Music for Film

Anatomy of a Music License

Budget for Film Music

Film Budget Overview

Cash Management of Film Financing

Caution with Person Debt Financing of Films

Equity and Debt Financing for Filmmaking

Financing and Distribution Deals for Filmmakers

Licensing of Prerecorded Music

Making a Federal Case out of Film Financing

Music Composers and Performers

Negotiating Employment Agreements

Negotiations for Motion Picture Rights

Organizing the Operating Agreement

Planning the Film Process

Requirements for Film Finance Offerings

Submission - Nondisclosure Agreements

The Distribution Deal

The Filmmaker's Team