GCG Attorneys Successfully Defend Weare Police Officer in Excessive Force Suit

CONCORD, NH — Attorneys Charles Bauer and Matthew Burrows of Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell, P.C. successfully obtained a jury verdict clearing their client, a Weare, NH police officer in a lawsuit claiming excessive use of force.

In this federal court case — St. Onge v. Town of Weare et al. Case No. 14-cv-214-SM — the plaintiff accused an officer for using a Taser on him several times even though he had followed the officer’s commands to raise and show his hands during a burglary arrest. Additionally, he claimed the officer and another responding officer assaulted and prevented him from receiving medical treatment.

The defense disputed the claims and argued the plaintiff was intoxicated, refused to comply with officer’s directions, and used the taser only because the two were alone in a darkened garage and the plaintiff was hiding his hands.

Following four days of trial, jurors returned their decision clearing the officers of charges.

Further details of the trial are available in this Concord Monitor report: Jury clears Weare officer in excessive force suite brought by burglar.

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