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"Absolute Immunity" Upheld for Financial Institutions Filing SARs
By Susan B. Hollinger
August 2019

Bank Commissioner Proposes Trust Company Legislation in 2019 Session of the New Hampshire General Court
By W. John Funk
February 2019

Domestication Relocation of Trust Company Charters to New Hampshire
By W. John Funk and Susan B. Hollinger
January 2019

NH Trust Company Formation: Top Ten Tips for Smoothing the Application Process
By W. John Funk and Susan B. Hollinger
February 2018

New Hampshire Overhauls Banking and Credit Union Laws
By W. John Funk for New Hampshire Business Review
September 2015

New Law Criminalizes Elderly Financial Exploitation in NH
By Susan B. Hollinger for NH Bar News
March 2015

Nondepository Trust Companies: A Primer
By W. John Funk
January 2014

Bank Officer and Director Indemnification Are You at Risk?
By W. John Funk
November 2013

Bank Privacy Law: New Guidance on Reporting Financial Exploitation of the Elderly
By Susan B. Hollinger
October 2013

New CFPB Exam Procedures: Time to Dust Off and Update Code of Conduct/Ethics Policies
By Susan B. Hollinger
July 2013

New Hampshire Certification of Trust — Why Banks Are Asking for More Detailed Trust Information
By Susan B. Hollinger
April 2011

Joint Pain from the FDIC
By W. John Funk
for American Banker
March 23, 2010

A Primer on New Hampshire Family Trust Companies
By W. John Funk
March 2010

New Post-Foreclosure Tenant Protections
By Susan B. Hollinger
October 2009

The Rudkin Case and Its Significance on Trust Fees
A presentation by Dodd Griffith for New Hampshire Bankers Assoc.
February 2008

SarbOx Small Firm Mitigation: The SEC Chimes In Ringing the Bell for Community Banks
By Christopher C. Gallagher
August 2006

Is New Hampshire Ready to Meet Globalization Challenge?
By Christopher C. Gallagher
For New Hampshire Business Reivew
March 2006

An Effective Code of Conduct for Banking
February 8, 2006

The FDIC's Relationship Manager Program — A Word to the Wise
By Christopher C. Gallagher
January 2006

Insurance Companies Join Fight Against Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing
By Susan B. Hollinger    
December 2005

The FDIC and Part 363: Flexibility Without Forbearance
By Christopher C. Gallagher
December 12, 2005

Community Banks... A Way To Win (in the New Regulatory Environment)
By Christopher C. Gallagher keynote address before Directors & Managing Officers
Conference of the New Jersey League of Community Banks
April 1, 2005

Surviving and Thriving: Community Banks and the New Regulation
By Christopher C. Gallagher
March 2005

Bank-owned Life Insurance: Regulators Issue New Guidelines
By W. John Funk
March 2005

Banks Work With Small Businesses to Offer Affordable Health Care Products to Employees
By Donald R. Saxon and Susan B. Hollinger
September 2004


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