Entertainment / Filmmaking

W We draw from our core practice areas to be a trusted advisor to independent artists.

Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell’s multidisciplinary approach helps independent film makers, musicians, artists, authors and playwrights develop their creative vision and make their dreams into reality. Through every stage of production and distribution, our team assists with business formation, financing, rights acquisition, employment agreements, publishing agreements, licensing, and a multitude of transactions needed to develop new works.

We draw from our core practice areas to be a trusted advisor to independent artists in a variety of traditional and online media. Our goal is to help independent artists throughout the lifecycle of their creative works. Our Entertainment Law team works closely with the client to understand both the legal issues and the core business terms of each deal, including cash flow, financing, tax implications, representations and warranties, and other keys to long term success.

  • Motion Picture Financing & Distribution
    • Partnership & LLC operating agreements
    • Private Placement Memoranda for entertainment financing
    • Employment agreements for writers, directors, cast and crew
    • Use of tax-incentive film and production credits to finance film projects
    • Union production compliance
    • Literary rights and option agreements
    • Script clearance
    • Tax planning
  • Music Licensing & Management
    • Recording and publishing contracts
    • Band formation and reorganization
    • Live performance and touring agreements
    • Licensing agreements
    • Revenue distribution and tax obligations
  • Publishing
    • Publishing agreements
    • Copyright clearance
    • Media and ancillary rights agreements
    • Joint authorship agreements
    • Online and Internet licensing
  • Theatre & Live Performances
    • Nonprofit organization formation
    • Theatrical development agreements
    • Licensing and clearance
    • Union production compliance

With deep roots and experience across the Granite State, we know how to chart a course for success.