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  • Drafting, negotiating and advocating for legislative and regulatory changes
  • Representing industry interests in the implementation of federal health reform through regulatory and legislative forums, including rate filings, medical loss ratio (MLR) requirements and exchanges
  • Sale of publicly-traded insurance holding company and its domestic insurer
  • International assumption reinsurance transaction with impaired insurer
  • De novo insurer formation, capitalization and licensing throughout the United States
  • Management of market conduct and financial examinations
  • Insurance scoring models and approvals
  • Unfair insurance practice complaints
  • Licensing and representation of foreign insurers
  • Rate and product filings
  • Holding company filings and compliance
  • Investment diversification and statutory accounting issues
  • Product development, design and rollout strategies
  • Residual market facility development
  • Representation of independent insurance agencies and producers
  • Joint venture and other strategic marketing alliances
  • Agency succession strategies and implementation.

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